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When you think of professional photographs you may immediately think of modeling. Glamorous runway models, swimsuit models or even child models – but have you ever considered that a professional head shot may be beneficial to your career? With the advent of the internet, visuals play a large role in daily life. From videos on You-tube to photo albums on Facebook , images of all sorts are used to convey information quickly and concisely. Why not do the same for yourself? The proper image can convey the right message for the right situation. Looking to land a job? Place your face to that resume – but not just any face – yours using your own professional head shot photographer.

Putting A Face To The Name

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never held more true in today’s society. Studies suggest that marketing strategies that incorporate images or video into their plans are 35% more successful in connecting with their customers on average. In addition , books with photos and articles with imagery are also more likely to engage readers and increase conversion. There is virtually no difference with your own endeavors. Whether you are promoting yourself on websites like LinkedIn, or handing out business cards – it makes sense to associate your agenda with a visual representation. Doing so immediately answers one important question (who) but it also carries many other important benefits , so much so that simply using a “homegrown” photo simply does not cut it in today’s society – at least when it comes to the business of a professional head shot.

The Benefits Of A Great Looking Head-shot

A professional headshot is pivotal for press and advertisement that you or your business might get. It’s important to look professional and be presentable, in case someone wishes to share your story or concept. In short it is important to have a visual brand to accommodate you, no matter what you do or who you are. Not only could it do wonders for your business, but increases potential exposure as well. In fact, a well done professional head shot conveys that you’re a skilled, talented, successful person with something to offer. In short, it is important to hire a professional photographer to look the part.

In the corporate world having a head shot can be just as beneficial. Studies suggest that corporate and business entities that have a face or visual brand associated with them can nearly triple their profit. In addition amateur photos also give off a distinct lack of professionalism. Since for many people , the photo is the first impression, it can easily be the difference between a vote of confidence and a lack of interest altogether. This is especially true in the corporate world where a head shot is seen as more of first contact and first impression combined. A great corporate head shot will do wonders for establishing yourself as a virtual personal brand and creating a unique online presence as well.

In fact, this practice is so well used in today society that many photographers offer corporate and professional head shots exclusively. This is especially important when representing yourself as a specialist or someone with expertise in a field or niche.

Getting The Best Head Shot

There are many reasons why it is best for you to allow a professional photographer to take your head shots and here are a few of them. High quality – pictures are best when taken with the highest resolution possible – this is the first major step in taking quality photos. There are also several things to keep in mind , largely the concept you want to convey with the photo – professional photographers are excellent at finding the right moment and feel of a photography session. Ideally, you want a photograph that will represent you everywhere your online presence is experienced. This photo should also differentiate you from others online as well as look great in small and large resolutions. There is a wide variety of places your head shot could end up – social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook , Blogs, online communities and much more – in essence , a single photo can provide near limitless possibilities in terms of exposure for you. Thus choosing the perfect way to take your head shot is very important, yet one more benefit of having it done for you.

Likewise, when choosing a photographer they should have a fair grasp of the basics. This means you need to know a little yourself when it comes to photography. When checking out your photographer’s work before hand check for aspects such as:

Subjects not facing the camera directly. This looks better visually in most photographs.

Subjects are looking directly at the lens. The lighting is sufficient and not over-bearing.

If you have the luxury of watching your photographer work, make sure that they are taking many photos. It is ideal to take several photos and choose from the best of them.

If your photographer isn’t following these basic guidelines you might consider looking for someone more upscale or experienced.

A Pro’s Touch

As you can see there are many aspects to consider so a pro photographer is the only way to go. Depending on the number of head shots you need and the level of quality these services can run you as little as 200$ to 1,500$ but the return investment is well worth the effort. In addition to this , your photographer will handle all of the details mentioned above. Just show up, look good and your photographer will handle the rest.

Finding a professional photographer is also a snap , you can check in various places – online directories, search engines or even telephone pages. If you have business contacts you can also find out through word of mouth . It is critical to remember is that a professional head shot can accelerate or even make your corporate or business career – don’t fall behind the pack. Make sure you bring out all of the potential you have in this highly competitive world and a great start to that is getting a great quality head shot.


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